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6th July 2017





Join us for our next Business Women’s Experience on Monday 10th July at Rope Runners, Brentwood, 10am.

Our own “Team building day” on the high ropes and zip wires or meet over archery and shooting. You choose.

All welcome!

Tickets on Eventbrite or Paypal to


15th June 2017

Bring your bras, football boots, junk jewellery and some new knickers for our Zambian sister group!

“Drop Your Draws”, ie new knickers in our basket and your “junk jewellery in the trunk” this Friday at the Essex Business Women’s Experience!

We are collecting your unloved jewellery, bras that don’t fit any more, any new knickers you would like to donate and football boots for our school and sister groups in Mpongwe, Zambia!

Lots of the women just can’t afford good underwear and last year we delivered 3oo pairs to various schools and women’s groups in Mpongwe.  All the ladies were just thrilled to be given a nice new pair of pants.

We are supporting the Mumba Children’s Project again this year.

For  every ticket sold, we will donate £1 to the project which goes towards supporting the children, building the school, meals and much more.
Look out for the collection bins next to the Help Desk on the first floor.

We are on BBC Essex, 1pm on Thursday 15th!
We will be on the Tony Fisher show after 1pm on Thursday speaking about this so do listen in!


14th June 2017

Why Colour Works, Workshop

Why Colour Works, with Sandra Sparrowhawk.  12.30 – 1.15 in the Queen Mary Room

So that is the question why does colour work?  Firstly, it makes an outfit so much more interesting. Think of a black skirt with a white blouse, nothing wrong with that if you are a waitress! But where is the interest in that. Also, those colours will not make you very approachable.  Perhaps, if you tried a navy skirt with a pink blouse that would look a lot more interesting. I am going to share some ideas to show you Why Colour works  

We all know that colours have an energy and that is why we feel different when we wear colour, as opposed to black and white particularly black as this as a very negative energy and can deplete your energy.

Botox can’t do what colour can !

Why Colour Works

Why Colour Works

I always say nature never gets it wrong.  Blue and green should never be seen how wrong is that.  Look at these colours together and see how they all tone with each other.  Next time you put on your denim jeans try teaming with a green top.  All skin tones can wear green but bear in mind if you have a cool skin tone that you choose a blue based green and warm skin tones a yellow base green.  Try wearing colour of a day and notice how different you feel. Colour brings people to life.

When I talk of colour it does not have to be bright red or orange or one of the jewel colours, it could be a pastel colour or anything in between. Its like a dimmer switch of colour and what matters is where you stop.

I have a real passion for colour because of the way it makes me feel.  Wearing the right colours for me not only make me look fabulous but it gives me the confidence to be who I want to be, knowing that I look good.

I am a Colour and Style Coach and love sharing my knowledge. I hold workshops at my home, attend meetings and give talks on the subject.  My consultations can either be held at my home or I am happy to come to you (depending on the location) whichever works best for you.  Check out my website for all the services I offer. I really enjoy sharing my expertise and  have a passion for what I do.

Buy your ticket for 16th June now! 

12th June 2017

Workshop. Intuitive drawing to get in unstuck

How to use intuitive drawing to get unstuck, get clarity and get back in flow with Cathy Ballard.

2.30 til 3.15 in the Queen Mary Room.

This fascinating workshop will have tapping you into your creative side and your intuition to find answers that help get you unstuck.

No artistic talent is required, so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t picked up a pencil since you were at school!

Come and enjoy some simple, fun exercises that will help free you from your mind – where all stuckness comes from – and connect with your inner guidance, so you can clear confusion and take confident action. Intuitive Drawing

Cathy Ballard is a facilitator, coach and channel for higher consciousness work who guides people to live more from their greatness and potential so they can discover, and create from, their true power. She teaches how to use energy tools to clear abundance blocks and experience more flow, peace and happiness in life.

Find out what’s true for you if you’ve been stuck in your head.

Cathy runs Intuitive Flow Painting short courses which are loads of fun, easy to do and help you find what’s true for you if you’ve been stuck in your head. It’s also brilliant for helping you relax, find inspiration, insights, answers to questions about your life, clarity about the path ahead, and it can be deeply healing because it clears abundance blocks you never even knew you had!

“I’m really excited to be taking part in the Essex Women’s Business Experience, and I can’t wait to get the pens and pencils out with you to have a bit of Higher Creative fun!  Cathy Ballard Intuitive drawing

All of us get stuck in our businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting up, thinking about starting up, or you’ve been in business for years. No matter what others might tell you about how their ‘7 Step System to Success’ will work for you, there is no magic bullet!

Having a business is a journey of personal growth.

Having a business is a journey of personal growth. It will have its ups and downs, so it’s useful to have some tools to get you back on track when you are feeling blocked.

You have all the answers inside you to create the happy, abundant and fulfilling life and business you desire.”

Buy your ticket now and come and see Cathy and experience some intuitive drawing on Friday!


9th June 2017

Why you shouldn’t miss the 2017 Essex Business Women’s Experience!

If you’re looking for a good reason to attend this year’s encouraging woman-led event, you could do a lot worse than by browsing the consistent five-star Facebook reviews from last year’s happy participants!

But you could also consider exactly what motivational support from like-minded, local business women might help you to achieve on your very own career journey.

My story
By coincidence, I left my stable City-based HR job to begin my freelance writing career on exactly the same date as last year’s Essex Business Women’s Experience, and I wish I’d known about such a welcoming and supportive expo at the time!

Luckily, I soon discovered my local Winning Women group, one of three headed up by the Essex Business Women’s Experience’s inspirational (and incredibly warm-hearted) founder, Rosemary Cunningham. As I came away from my first Winning Women meeting back in July 2016, it occurred to me that although I’d spent most of my working life in meetings, I hadn’t attended any before that had felt so genuinely encouraging, or so full of unquestioning warmth and support.

My new career has gone from strength to strength since that first meeting, and there’s no way I’m going to miss out on attending this year’s Essex Business Women’s Experience, with so many potential collaborators, informative workshops, and motivational people waiting to be met!

Your story
If you’re just starting out in business on your own, you’ll of course know that uncertain feeling all too well…that of the business world being an exciting, yet often strange and scary place.

The Essex Business Women’s Experience is the perfect place for you if networking has always seemed slightly terrifying (as it has for me!), if you’d like to meet like-minded women and come away feeling inspired, or even if you simply need some much-needed support in your business venture – as we all do from time to time.

If you still need convincing, here’s what others have had to say about the Essex Business Women’s Experience 2016:

Well organised, great venue…I had a great day and met lots of wonderful women in business, just starting out or thinking about starting.”

“The event was brilliant. The workshops were excellent, and I came away with lots of information which I will put to good use in the coming weeks. This was a great way to network!”

“Love the enthusiasm and the friendliness! Amazing women from all aspects of business.”

I would really recommend this event to any woman who is either in business or considering setting up on their own. Incredibly supportive and a fun atmosphere as well. I loved how the event generally empowered women to progress their dreams!”

So if you could do with a motivational boost or some extra support – not to mention a fun day out! – then don’t delay….book your ticket now and get ready to return to work fully equipped with a new lease of life!

I’ll see you there.

Nina Jervis 

Buy your ticket here now!

7th June 2017

Discover Your Entrepreneurial Personality with Helen Elizabeth Evans


Discover Your Entrepreneurial Personality with Helen Elizabeth Evans, the UK’s No.1 Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analyst.   11.30 am in the Queen Mary Room.

Discover who you are designed to be and how you can be successful by being you, and for an even deeper impact… bring something to look at your fingerprints!  You will particularly love this masterclass if you are a business owner, or anyone considering starting a business, especially if you want to make an impact in your own unique way.

Helen Elizabeth Evans is a London based life purpose consultant, who works with women in business to awaken their life purpose work, using a unique combination of scientific hand and fingerprint analysis, profound intuition and the practical business acumen she gained running her own businesses for the last 21 years.

Helen is the UK’s No.1 Scientific Hand & Fingerprint Analyst, the most accurate and only truly objective profiling tool available.
Helen is an NLP Master Practitioner with background studies in psychology and astrology. Helen’s clients describe her as a powerful kick-starter for their purpose, helping them clarify their focus and create an inspired vision aligned with their purpose.  They describe her as a highly intuitive, deeply powerful, passionate, authentic and an extremely practical truth teller who makes them laugh, feel safe and free to be their true selves.
Helen helps them find their true purpose, gives them a spiritual blueprint for their life expression and helps them create a business that is based on their life purpose, so that they can live happy, fulfilled lives without feeling like its all a struggle or just plain hum drum.

Book your Ticket now on Eventbrite!

6th June 2017

Intuitive Drawing to get unstuck and back in flow

How to use intuitive drawing to get unstuck, get clarity and get back in flow (No artistic skill required!) with Cathy Ballard at 1.15pm in the Queen Mary Room.

This workshop will have you fascinated and using your creative side to tap into answers.

You have all the answers inside yourself to create the happy, abundant and fulfilling life and business you desire.

In this practical workshop you’ll learn a fun tool to connect with your inner guidance, so you can clear the confusion and take confident action.

Cathy Ballard is not only a talented an intuitive transformation coach, teacher and energy worker who helps you eliminate emotional blocks, confusion and inner resistance to rapidly move past your fears and step into your greatness, restoring joy, flow and ease to your life.

Cathy runs Magical Flow Painting short courses where over a few days you can really connect to your intuition and creativity.

Read more about Cathy Ballard here. 


6th June 2017

The Conscious Kitchen

A message from Claire and Nicky from the Conscious Kitchen. Find them in the Food Hall.

Savioury Delights for your lunch! 

I am very excited to be attending the Essex Business Women’s Experience with my amazing friend/colleague come alchemist/chef Nicky.  We will be sharing some wonderful savoury delights with you that I hope you will grab as a snack to get a feel of the beautiful food we will be offering at Conscious Kitchen once we open on the 1st July.

I am sure you all have your itinerary planned for the 16th June, please pop by our stand as we would love to speak to you.

We will be offering some free tasters of our sauerkraut alongside a couple of snacks you can purchase from our international cuisine pop-up nights.

Guilt Free Raw Medicinal Chocolate, Juices and Smoothies!

We will also have some guilt free raw medicinal chocolate and some wonderful healthy juices and smoothies, available to eat now or take away as your Friday night treat.

Interactive Workshops and Cooking Classes

Here at Conscious Kitchen we have a real drive and passion to help people and want to offer the whole package, from consulting to educating.  We will offer interactive workshops and cooking classes as well as gut friendly ready-made/on-the-go deli food, as I am sure you will agree we are very limited here in Southend for such places and I feel there is a real need for it.

I am a holistic naturopathic nutritionist (mouthful I know), currently working in V-Health on Thorpe Bay Broadway carrying out consultations and allergy testing.

I am also studying Naturopathy and iridology with herbs the next course lined up. I have always wanted a hub where like-minded people can gather, natter and discuss ideas whilst eating and drinking an array of wonderful yet healthy concoctions. And my dream is materialising 😊

Myself and Nicky look forward to serving you lovely lot whilst being entertained and educated by the fabulous speakers and workshops at this inspiring event.

Claire Brooks from the Conscious Kitchen!

The Conscious Kitchen is in Sutton Road, Southend-on-sea.