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Bring your bras, football boots, junk jewellery and some new knickers for our Zambian sister group!

“Drop Your Draws”, ie new knickers in our basket and your “junk jewellery in the trunk” this Friday at the Essex Business Women’s Experience!

We are collecting your unloved jewellery, bras that don’t fit any more, any new knickers you would like to donate and football boots for our school and sister groups in Mpongwe, Zambia!

Lots of the women just can’t afford good underwear and last year we delivered 3oo pairs to various schools and women’s groups in Mpongwe.  All the ladies were just thrilled to be given a nice new pair of pants.

We are supporting the Mumba Children’s Project again this year.

For  every ticket sold, we will donate £1 to the project which goes towards supporting the children, building the school, meals and much more.
Look out for the collection bins next to the Help Desk on the first floor.

We are on BBC Essex, 1pm on Thursday 15th!
We will be on the Tony Fisher show after 1pm on Thursday speaking about this so do listen in!