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Workshop. Intuitive drawing to get in unstuck

Cathy Ballard Intuitive drawing

How to use intuitive drawing to get unstuck, get clarity and get back in flow with Cathy Ballard.

2.30 til 3.15 in the Queen Mary Room.

This fascinating workshop will have tapping you into your creative side and your intuition to find answers that help get you unstuck.

No artistic talent is required, so it doesn’t matter if you haven’t picked up a pencil since you were at school!

Come and enjoy some simple, fun exercises that will help free you from your mind – where all stuckness comes from – and connect with your inner guidance, so you can clear confusion and take confident action. Intuitive Drawing

Cathy Ballard is a facilitator, coach and channel for higher consciousness work who guides people to live more from their greatness and potential so they can discover, and create from, their true power. She teaches how to use energy tools to clear abundance blocks and experience more flow, peace and happiness in life.

Find out what’s true for you if you’ve been stuck in your head.

Cathy runs Intuitive Flow Painting short courses which are loads of fun, easy to do and help you find what’s true for you if you’ve been stuck in your head. It’s also brilliant for helping you relax, find inspiration, insights, answers to questions about your life, clarity about the path ahead, and it can be deeply healing because it clears abundance blocks you never even knew you had!

“I’m really excited to be taking part in the Essex Women’s Business Experience, and I can’t wait to get the pens and pencils out with you to have a bit of Higher Creative fun!  Cathy Ballard Intuitive drawing

All of us get stuck in our businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting up, thinking about starting up, or you’ve been in business for years. No matter what others might tell you about how their ‘7 Step System to Success’ will work for you, there is no magic bullet!

Having a business is a journey of personal growth.

Having a business is a journey of personal growth. It will have its ups and downs, so it’s useful to have some tools to get you back on track when you are feeling blocked.

You have all the answers inside you to create the happy, abundant and fulfilling life and business you desire.”

Buy your ticket now and come and see Cathy and experience some intuitive drawing on Friday!