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Kubi Springer: The Power of Brand Marketing

Kubi SpringerThe Power of Brand Marketing. 12 – 12.45 in the Laurel and Hardy Room

When people ask what Kubi Springer does, the best – and easiest – reply is simple. She Builds Brands!

Billed as the ‘UK’s Oprah’ by USA media, London-born Kubi brings over twenty years of direct experience in consumer brand marketing and presenting.

What is Kubi Springer famous for?

Dynamic, determined and dedicated, Kubi’s past client list is a veritable roll-call of some of the world’s biggest and brightest names: Nike, L’Oreal, MTV, Rolls-Royce to name but a few, not to mention international stars including P. Diddy and Justin Timberlake.

What can Kubi Springer teach you?

Following her successful US radio show, these days Kubi can be found back in the UK, spending her time training and consulting on the subject she knows best – branding.

Conducting in-depth brand analysis, she expertly breaks down the complex process of brand management into easy, bite-sized chunks, ending with an deceptively simple, in-depth strategy that is guaranteed to bring you business success!

Come and hear Kubi explain what makes for the very best of branding at our event!

Kubi will be in the Laurel and Hardy room running a Masterclass.  Keep an eye on the website for the exact time!

Buy your ticket today on Eventbrite.  £10 or buy two and bring a friend for £15