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Sell with soul and write that business book with Helen Vandenberghe – successful author, trainer and mentor to rising stars!

Passionate about authentic sales and a highly sought-after business mentor, successful Chelmsford-based business author Helen Vandenberghe will be giving two unmissable talks at our event.

10.30 am in the Queen Mary Room.  “Selling with Soul” focuses on the importance of generating business sales, but without that upfront, aggressive approach that can make many people feel like a used car salesman!

If you love talking to and working with clients, yet dread the thought of actually having to sell to them, this talk will be for you! Listen to Helen explain how you can positively examine your sales process and earn the income of your dreams through the power of selling with soul.

1.30 pm in the Queen Mary Room.  “Write Your Business Book NOW!” will get you started on the road to that essential alternative to the humble business card…your book.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write a book, but you’ve never found the time, or had any idea where to begin.

As the successful author of ‘Get Clients Fast’, Helen will talk you through the process simply and clearly, and she will also explain how to leverage your book for additional sales, speaking events and articles.

Helen has successfully trained over a thousand business leaders to step out of their comfort zone with her no-nonsense approach… so come and listen to her and see what you could achieve!