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Why you shouldn’t miss the 2017 Essex Business Women’s Experience!

If you’re looking for a good reason to attend this year’s encouraging woman-led event, you could do a lot worse than by browsing the consistent five-star Facebook reviews from last year’s happy participants!

But you could also consider exactly what motivational support from like-minded, local business women might help you to achieve on your very own career journey.

My story
By coincidence, I left my stable City-based HR job to begin my freelance writing career on exactly the same date as last year’s Essex Business Women’s Experience, and I wish I’d known about such a welcoming and supportive expo at the time!

Luckily, I soon discovered my local Winning Women group, one of three headed up by the Essex Business Women’s Experience’s inspirational (and incredibly warm-hearted) founder, Rosemary Cunningham. As I came away from my first Winning Women meeting back in July 2016, it occurred to me that although I’d spent most of my working life in meetings, I hadn’t attended any before that had felt so genuinely encouraging, or so full of unquestioning warmth and support.

My new career has gone from strength to strength since that first meeting, and there’s no way I’m going to miss out on attending this year’s Essex Business Women’s Experience, with so many potential collaborators, informative workshops, and motivational people waiting to be met!

Your story
If you’re just starting out in business on your own, you’ll of course know that uncertain feeling all too well…that of the business world being an exciting, yet often strange and scary place.

The Essex Business Women’s Experience is the perfect place for you if networking has always seemed slightly terrifying (as it has for me!), if you’d like to meet like-minded women and come away feeling inspired, or even if you simply need some much-needed support in your business venture – as we all do from time to time.

If you still need convincing, here’s what others have had to say about the Essex Business Women’s Experience 2016:

Well organised, great venue…I had a great day and met lots of wonderful women in business, just starting out or thinking about starting.”

“The event was brilliant. The workshops were excellent, and I came away with lots of information which I will put to good use in the coming weeks. This was a great way to network!”

“Love the enthusiasm and the friendliness! Amazing women from all aspects of business.”

I would really recommend this event to any woman who is either in business or considering setting up on their own. Incredibly supportive and a fun atmosphere as well. I loved how the event generally empowered women to progress their dreams!”

So if you could do with a motivational boost or some extra support – not to mention a fun day out! – then don’t delay….book your ticket now and get ready to return to work fully equipped with a new lease of life!

I’ll see you there.

Nina Jervis 

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