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A message from Claire and Nicky from the Conscious Kitchen. Find them in the Food Hall.

Savioury Delights for your lunch! 

I am very excited to be attending the Essex Business Women’s Experience with my amazing friend/colleague come alchemist/chef Nicky.  We will be sharing some wonderful savoury delights with you that I hope you will grab as a snack to get a feel of the beautiful food we will be offering at Conscious Kitchen once we open on the 1st July.

I am sure you all have your itinerary planned for the 16th June, please pop by our stand as we would love to speak to you.

We will be offering some free tasters of our sauerkraut alongside a couple of snacks you can purchase from our international cuisine pop-up nights.

Guilt Free Raw Medicinal Chocolate, Juices and Smoothies!

We will also have some guilt free raw medicinal chocolate and some wonderful healthy juices and smoothies, available to eat now or take away as your Friday night treat.

Interactive Workshops and Cooking Classes

Here at Conscious Kitchen we have a real drive and passion to help people and want to offer the whole package, from consulting to educating.  We will offer interactive workshops and cooking classes as well as gut friendly ready-made/on-the-go deli food, as I am sure you will agree we are very limited here in Southend for such places and I feel there is a real need for it.

I am a holistic naturopathic nutritionist (mouthful I know), currently working in V-Health on Thorpe Bay Broadway carrying out consultations and allergy testing.

I am also studying Naturopathy and iridology with herbs the next course lined up. I have always wanted a hub where like-minded people can gather, natter and discuss ideas whilst eating and drinking an array of wonderful yet healthy concoctions. And my dream is materialising 😊

Myself and Nicky look forward to serving you lovely lot whilst being entertained and educated by the fabulous speakers and workshops at this inspiring event.

Claire Brooks from the Conscious Kitchen!

The Conscious Kitchen is in Sutton Road, Southend-on-sea.