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Why Colour Works, Workshop

Why Colour Works, with Sandra Sparrowhawk.  12.30 – 1.15 in the Queen Mary Room

So that is the question why does colour work?  Firstly, it makes an outfit so much more interesting. Think of a black skirt with a white blouse, nothing wrong with that if you are a waitress! But where is the interest in that. Also, those colours will not make you very approachable.  Perhaps, if you tried a navy skirt with a pink blouse that would look a lot more interesting. I am going to share some ideas to show you Why Colour works  

We all know that colours have an energy and that is why we feel different when we wear colour, as opposed to black and white particularly black as this as a very negative energy and can deplete your energy.

Botox can’t do what colour can !

Why Colour Works

Why Colour Works

I always say nature never gets it wrong.  Blue and green should never be seen how wrong is that.  Look at these colours together and see how they all tone with each other.  Next time you put on your denim jeans try teaming with a green top.  All skin tones can wear green but bear in mind if you have a cool skin tone that you choose a blue based green and warm skin tones a yellow base green.  Try wearing colour of a day and notice how different you feel. Colour brings people to life.

When I talk of colour it does not have to be bright red or orange or one of the jewel colours, it could be a pastel colour or anything in between. Its like a dimmer switch of colour and what matters is where you stop.

I have a real passion for colour because of the way it makes me feel.  Wearing the right colours for me not only make me look fabulous but it gives me the confidence to be who I want to be, knowing that I look good.

I am a Colour and Style Coach and love sharing my knowledge. I hold workshops at my home, attend meetings and give talks on the subject.  My consultations can either be held at my home or I am happy to come to you (depending on the location) whichever works best for you.  Check out my website for all the services I offer. I really enjoy sharing my expertise and  have a passion for what I do.

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