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Intuitive Drawing to get unstuck and back in flow

Cathy Ballard

How to use intuitive drawing to get unstuck, get clarity and get back in flow (No artistic skill required!) with Cathy Ballard at 1.15pm in the Queen Mary Room.

This workshop will have you fascinated and using your creative side to tap into answers.

You have all the answers inside yourself to create the happy, abundant and fulfilling life and business you desire.

In this practical workshop you’ll learn a fun tool to connect with your inner guidance, so you can clear the confusion and take confident action.

Cathy Ballard is not only a talented an intuitive transformation coach, teacher and energy worker who helps you eliminate emotional blocks, confusion and inner resistance to rapidly move past your fears and step into your greatness, restoring joy, flow and ease to your life.

Cathy runs Magical Flow Painting short courses where over a few days you can really connect to your intuition and creativity.

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